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Comac has always designed and made products that aim to reduce the environmental impact of its cleaning operations. Our products are therefore highly customisable, so we can offer the best solution for the environment they are put to work in.

Today more than ever, thanks to constant research and introduction to ever more innovative technologies, Comac machines can be adapted for different sectors with different needs.

Comac’s sustainable technologies can optimize use of resources, stopping water, energy and detergent getting wasted, reducing noise pollution and time spent cleaning.

Comac machines respect the environment and help their operators use resources more responsibly, offering them immersive use plus unrivalled simplicity.

Comac Easy-Clean Tanks Comac Antibacterial Tanks CCP – Comac Corrosion Protection CED – Comac Electrostatic Disinfector Electrostatic hygienization

Lithium battery Eco Mode CDS – Comac Dosing System NSC – Non Stop Cleaning CSF – Constant Solution Flow

Stop & Go SSC – Solution Smart Control CFC – Comac Fleet Care Easy Fleet PM – Pressure Monitoring

IPM – Intelligent
Pressure Monitoring
Working program selector Touch Screen Display Hybrid Rear view camera

Anti-collision sensor Emergency stop Moving brush head LED lighting SST – Spray & Suction Tool

Orbital cleaning Air conditioning Electric filter shaker Twin Action System SST – Spray & Suction Tool

Intelligent turbine support Coaxial turbine