Commercial Purpose Dry Vacuum Cleaner

We offer a full range of vacuum cleaners for a variety of applications, ranging from room cleaning to the removal of dry/wet waste.

With our years of expertise in the suction technology and the designing of auxiliary tools, our dry vacuum cleaners effectively suck up dirt and debris from intricate places and the wet models wipe spills expertly, while keeping the effort at minimum.

Specialized commercial vacuum cleaners for upholstery and draperies have a range of accessories to suit varied cleaning needs, and compact design, which makes their storage and operation easy. With a powerful blowing and suction function, and larger dust collection capacity, our wet and dry vacuum cleaners are appropriate for all cleaning applications, be it picking up wet spills, dry litter, or fine dirt. For stability and ease of movement, the model has a castor wheelbase, which makes it as mobile as any smaller vacuums.

Equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel, polypropylene or polyethylene tanks, with varied capacity, the vacuum cleaners are highly versatile and suited to any type of vacuum requirements.

Based on the requirements, models come in various designs, ranging from upright, canister, backpack, integrated four-wheeled unit, and drum, with a full accessory kit as standard.

Their safety and ergonomic design is certified by the IMQ Certification body, and they bear the ENEC mark, recognized throughout the European Community.


TOP A 11 D FV 9 A550.3 WDM S CA 11WD/27WD/58.3 WD8


Carpet Extract P 25 TMB BAT 18DM