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““We are an authorized Channel Partner for COMAC (Italian company) Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Equipment. COMAC introduced its products to the Indian market 10 years ago and since then they have been present in every commercial and industrial segment of the country.

You will find COMAC cleaning machines in many International Airports of the country, Railway & Metro stations, major core industries, Steel, Cement, Power, Automobile Plant, Hospitality Chain, Corporate Offices etc to keep their premises clean and hygienic. COMAC India is committed to play active part in shaping the future of India as a CLEAN GREEN nation.””

We know how important it is to respect the environment, so we are always committed to minimizing our impact on it and making the people involved in our work more aware on this front.

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Our Solutions

Comac Machines for Worldwide Users



The specialized solution for picking up all dry debris and dusts. Equipped with paper bags for easy collection and disposal. Ergonomic design and sturdy body enables it to be used on all commercial and professional applications. There are possible options available for filtration like paper bag, dust bag and HEPA filter.

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FV9 is a backpack vacuum cleaner very comfortable and handy to use. It can clean areas where conventional vacuum cleaners cannot be used such as buses, airplane cabs, trains or cinemas and theaters. FV9 is very comfortable to be carried, thanks to its low weight, ergonomic shape and padded shoulders.

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A550.3 WDM S

Team Line has an innovative cleaning system of the cartridge filter available in the models with
2 or 3 motors,
both with plastic
steel tank

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CA 11WD/27WD/58.3 WD8

An additional nylon filter is available to vacuum particularly thick liquids. A high-efficiency HEPA filter can be fitted upon request. All models can be used with or without a recovery bag A wide range of accessories Sponge filter Permanent cloth filter

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Comet Spa is an Italian company established in 1959. With 3 production sites, many branches and numerous distributors, Comet operates in more than 80 countries around the globe. Its success is based on innovation and customer satisfaction, always geared towards the continuous improvement of technology, reliability and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comac produces a complete range of single disc machines ideal for the restoration, in-depth cleaning or mirror-like polishing of floors.
This machines will work up to 8 - 12 hours.
Comac Machines product will start from Rs 165000 to Rs 60000
10 to 12 types of machines are available.
This will be work with Electricity.

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Technical Assistance

Through our fully trained sales-cum-hygienic consultant we design a customized optimal solution to your cleaning challenges by understanding your needs and hence improving your bottom line.


Equipment Life Cycle Support

Provide your equipment a second lease of life through our various attractive AMC and CMC and refurbishing contracts.


Service Control Center

We offer local or central service acceptance according to client requirement. A dedicated call center is always there for all your concerns and queries.